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Photography and video making for the luxury real estate
and hotel industry.

Let your imagination fly

We are SAPR operators (Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems) authorized by ENAC and pilots with Flight Certificates. We specialize in aerial photography of tourist facilities, promotional and emotional videos, structural inspections and terrain surveys.

Max Morriconi

I.APRA.003062 VL/Mc CRO Pilot
Enac operator and photographer is a Studio Morriconi department that works with drones since 2010 and their applications.

What can we do for you

Serial photography with professional drones

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography
with professional drones

We create aerial photo shoots with our SAPR ("drones" for friends!), using technologically advanced and high quality equipment. We can operate in "non-critical" areas or in "critical" areas always with the certainly of a job carried out by professional pilots with equipment authorized by ENAC.

Video maker with professional drones


Drone videos up to 6K
with cinematographic quality

The 6K shots of our drones are made with professional cameras equipped with Super 35mm sensors for the highest quality and definition possible. Videos today are a must in advertising and promotion both in the form of small clips to be used on social networks and larger sequences for a complete business presentation.

Roof inspection with drones

Technical inspections

Environmental inspections
of failures and damages

For a long time, to find damages, inspect a tower, a chimney or a roof needed a lot of time, aerial platforms and highly specialized personnel. But today drones come to our aid, allowing us to rapidly inspect a building without dangers and with excellent results in every kind of situation.


Drone video and photos in Tuscany

Valdichiana senese, il nostro video

Valdichiana Senese, il nostro video Per i Comuni della Valdichiana Senese abbiamo realizzato...
Drone video and photos in Tuscany

DJI Smart Controller finalmente anche con DJI Mini 2

DJI Smart Controllerfinalmente anche con DJI Mini 2 Dopo molti mesi è arrivata la compatibil...
Drone video and photos in Tuscany

Le nostre foto su TGCOM24

Le nostre foto su TGCOM24 Oggi sul sito di TGCOM 24 è uscito un bellissimo articolo su Mon...
Drone video and photos in Tuscany

Su Rai TG1 le nostre immagini di Montepulciano

Su Rai TG1 le nostre immagini di Montepulciano Un bellissimo servizio, realizzato da Anna Sc...